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Does your pet have Cancer

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Notice: This product is for PETS ONLY! 
There are many studies now being done on the effectiveness of hemp oil (cannabis) healing cancer. Hemp oil is a specially cultivated version of the marijuana plant that has low THC (the properties that alter consciousness) and is high in CBDs (cannabinoids, which are the healing aspect of cannabis). This is not medical marijuana, which tends to be regular marijuana and is good for appetite, pain management, etc. Studies have shown that hemp oil with cultivated high CBDs attacks cancer the way that chemo but without attacking healthy cells. Used in conjunction with chemo one study showed a remarkable reduction in brain tumors in kids. (There was a recent article about this in the New York Times.) And here is the a link to the Harvard study: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/04/070417193338.htm
For people that some heart issues, the homeopathic remedy, Arnica is helpful. For pets, put 30c in a dropper bottle filled with distilled water. You can just put a couple of drops in the mouth two to three times a day. This is good for surgeries (before and after), heart ailments (congestive heart failure, thrombosis, etc) and general malaise related to disease. 
Laura also shared that can be used for human conditions: Arnica 200c for humans, twice a week is a heart tonic. And if you or someone you love has a heart episode (heart attack, stroke, blood clot, etc), take immediately on your way to the hospital. My homeopath stopped a stroke in her office doing this!  
Important Notice: For you and your Pets. 
Make sure you go to a doctor/vet to discuss health challenges. Share with your doctor/vet what nutritional & homeopathic products you or your pets take as part of your wellness plan.  
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