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Is Reincarnation Real
Who is God?
Ghost Hunting in Holly Michigan
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Is Reincarnation Real

Is Reincarnation Real?
By Wendy Powers

I have found from doing psychic readings over the years that many people are stuck in a life problem and seem doomed to repeat the issue or never resolve it unless they go to where the original karma began. Sometimes that means looking at past life, then again it may be karma we have created in the current life. Picking the same type of person each time we find a new love even when we think the person will be so much different than the last relationship. What is recurring is really within yourself and whether it is a relationship or any other life issue you sometimes need to look within and resolve the issue in order to clear the karma.

Who is God?

Ghost Hunting in Holly Michigan

You CAN'T MISSTHE July issues of Body Mind Spirit Guide. WHY???? You will read about the most amazing ghost hunting trip I have ever been on!!! Norma Palena writer and film Producer asked if she could follow me around with a camera and crew and record what I may feel while walking into two of the most haunted spots  in Holly Mi.  I had no idea what to expect and did not know about this town or its ghost stories.
What unfolded that day was truly astonishing.  

This Guide is also available electronically;

Your intuitive ablities

I live One Step beyond this earthy reality.  It always amazes me when people question a psychic because they are also intuitive and living in more then one reality. We all have that gut feeling, the intuitive knowing sometimes called a little voice whispering into our ear telling us to zig or zag in life's maze.
Would you like to share your intuitive experiences on this blog? 

I am going Ghost hunting June 9th in Holly Michigan.  We are taping for a future TV show!  It will be so much fun!
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