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Ghost Hunting in Holly Michigan

You CAN'T MISS THE July issues of Body Mind Spirit Guide. WHY???? You will read about the most amazing ghost hunting trip I have ever been on!!! Norma Palen a writer and film Producer asked if she could follow me around with a camera and crew and record what I may feel while walking into two of the most haunted spots in Holly Mi. I had no idea what to expect and did not know about this town or its ghost stories.

What unfolded that day was truly astonishing.

This Guide is also available electronically;



Saturday July 6th will be some great conversation on haunting, and why ghosts hang out, and of course live readings with me, Wendy Powers.

Saturday July 27th - Jammed paced two hour special: with special guest, producer & writer Norma Palen who was the show coordinator on the Holly Michigan ghost hunting excursion. She will share from her point of view what really happened in these extremely haunted places. You can ask questions and share where you would like to see our team go next to communicate with ghosts.

and of course I will be taking live readings throughout the show.

Internet RADIO:

If you know of a haunted place you would like me to check out and maybe communicate to you what they are doing there and what they may have to say to you.....make sure you email me at: and our crew may just pick you to research next.

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