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Wendy Powers possesses a true

Clairvoyant ability

With proven accuracy!

Radio & TV Personality Writer for Body Mind Spirit Guide for more then 10 Years. 

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Wendy has made Major Predictions throughout the years on TV, radio & in print that have come true and which are documented.

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Wendy Powers Nugent

uses her sixth sense

to see into a person's energy field.

This enables her to see your life path and your future.

She also has the ability to look into your past lives to see what Karma (lessons) you may need to work through in this life experience. 

"Live with Wendy Powers"

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Her Abilities

Wendy has been a featured guest on countless Radio and TV shows. She is a spiritual teacher, counselor & Ordained Christian Minister. Many thousands have attended her live seminars throughout the years. She is a Clairvoyant (to see), Clairaudience (to hear), Clairsentience (to sense or being empathic) and medium (sensing those who have transcended to the other side). Wendy relies mainly on her sixth sense (intuitive ability) to do readings.

Wendy has been proven to be incredibility accurate throughout her more than 30-year career.


You don't have to ask her a question, she will tune into what is happening in your life then give you a detailed reading using her intuitive gifts.

Wendy see's your AURA

She has always been aware of her powerful intuition and has seen auras (colorful energy around us) as far back as she can remember.

What is an Aura?

It is an energy field that surrounds all living things. The human aura is more complex than but animals and plant life also have auras that can be read. The color of the aura will change your moods, state of health and even where you are in your spiritual development. Everything is stored in your aura much like a memory stick. Colors of the aura will change as things change in your life.

When Wendy was in Kindergarden she would draw colorful auras around each person or animal she drew. When asked by the teacher why she did this her simple answer was "because the colors were so pretty" then further told her teacher that everyone even her pet had these colors of light surrounding them. This is an ability that continues to this day.

When doing live readings she tunes into your energy field. She does not use tarot, astrology or numerology.

You don't need to ask her a question she will tune into your aura and tell you what is happening in your life. Being aware of her ability at such an early age she has never had a need to use a tool.

She graduated from the Silva program in 1973, a prestigious program which helped Wendy to understand her gifts.


When Wendy does readings, she asks for only God and the highest spiritual energy to come through, She does not use spirit guides, she goes directly to God and the highest spiritual beings.

In her meditation before each reading, she says this prayer:

"For only God's wisdom to come through and that no hopes wishes, dreams, opinions, fears or anxieties (of the client) to come through, and that only true and accurate information will be shared. Wendy also asks that her own opinion and anxieties move aside to let only God's wisdom and will to come through when she does a reading."

Does Wendy Communicate with spirits

Yes! she does not claim to be a medium because even though Wendy does see and sometimes hears people who have passed on she can only communicate with them when they choose to reveal themselves. Wendy has worked with police and private investigators on missing persons and murder investigations in which spirits have helped by communicating through Wendy.

NOTE: not all souls stay earthbound so it is difficult to connect with them at will, they may have moved on to be in another life or went to be with God and high spiritual beings (angels).


Wendy has always stated that when you have a reading go to the reader with an "open mind" relax, let the reader guide the reading.

This will enable the reader to receive clear information, otherwise if you give too much information you may have influenced the reading and may only get an not a true reading.

What will a reading with Wendy be like?

Wendy will only ask for your name the city, state or country you are from then she accurately tunes into your energy field (aura). She will then give you a detailed reading of your life. It is important to note that Wendy always connects to the higher energy (GOD) and does not use spirit guides or consult metaphysical tools. She feels it is vital to go right to the God source to get an accurate reading.

Do I have to see Wendy in person for my reading?

Wendy has the ability to tune into your an energy field anywhere you are, even from the other side of the world!



When on the radio she reads listeners who call into the show and only asks for their name and the city they are from. You never have to ask her a question she knows what you are calling about.

Wendy can do a phone reading just as accurately as when you are sitting in front of her!  

Can anyone read their own aura and see their future?

Everyone has the ability to read their own aura

(Wendy has taught even blind people how to sense their own auras).

We all have some intuitive ability.

Men will usually say they have a "gut feeling" women are known for their "women's intuition" some get information from their dreams. We also receive answers to questions through our prayers, we just have to listen. When we stop asking for what we want but instead ask for guidance on our life situations you will start to hear or feel God's guidance.

Why should I seek out a reader?

We all even the strongest believer will get lost...

Life gets so stressful sometimes we may doubt our own feelings.

At we know the correct answer to our problem but because the answer that presents not seem to be the answer we seek. We can become stressed and even fearful.

Sometimes we are in great emotional pain from loss or desperation and just cannot let ourselves relax enough to trust in our own intuition.

Life can be very difficult at times and we may need to seek out a spiritual intuitive counselor to help us

see clearly again.


It is very important you are not seeking out someone to tell you, just what you want to hear!

God's plan for you may not always be what you desire. Make sure the reader you seek counsel with is spiritually based and that you do not tell them what you want but instead stay open to the information that will be given through Gods plan. This way the reader can share information with you without opinions. The readers goal is to help shine a bright light on your life path.

Can your future be changed?

We do have the ability to change our direction and make better choices by having clear vision on the situations ahead of you.

Sometimes we are so stressed by a situation we just don't seem to hear or trust in our own intuition and need to seek out a good spiritual counselor who can bring clarity to your situation.

Wendy's now launching her own


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Readings are for entertainment purposes only and we will not schedule anyone under the age of 18 for an appointment.

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