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Professional Psychic counselor for over

35 years!

A truly gifted Clairvoyant

She has an amazing track record making accurate Predictions. Wendy has made many astoundingly accurate predictions while on live TV & radio that came True!

The Body Mind Spirit Guide Magazine INTERVIEWS;

Wendy Powers-Nugent

on why she took a 10 plus year break from an extremely successful psychic career. BMSG March 2013 issue

Died in hospital:

Wendy has had extraordinary psychic experiences all her life. In she was pronounced dead the hospital following a surgery. She experienced a pulmonary embolism which stopped her heart. While resuscitating her, Michael Stewart, MD, witnessed her energy leaving her body then returning it after resuscitation. Dr. Stewart came to her bedside the next morning and asked what she saw

Spiritual awakening

Once released from the hospital Wendy decided that she needed to put together a seminar to share the new knowledge that she received. In the summer of 1986, a seminar was planned to share all the amazing information that was like nothing else shared before. In Wendy was disappointed that when she was in her death experience she did not see a white light or a tunnel, nor friends, family or Jesus. three souls in the form of light came to her and gave her information which she felt needed to be shared with the world.

Thousands showed up

She to seat several hundred that weekend in 1987 but what happened next was truly a sign that this information was intended for everyone. Thousands showed up that weekend and because the fire marshal would not let more 325 people at a time Wendy had to hold this seminar for many weekends following.

Information she shared in the seminar:

  • Why we are going through this experience of physical life
  • Who is God
  • What happens after we die
  • Where do our souls go after we have completed our lessons on the Earthly plane
  • Is there life in other dimensions
  • Does life on other planets exist
  • We misunderstood a pivotal message that Jesus came to the earth to share. What teaching did we not fully receive?

Book in the making:

Publishers have asked Wendy to write a book for many years. Raising children and dealing with an illness that fell on her son in 1994 left no time in the schedule to write her book, Until now.

The following Major Predictions were made by Wendy on TV and radio shows some of them were made a year in advance of the event.


Fall of the Berlin Wall

One year before it happened!

Wendy has predicted events such as the Berlin Wall being brought down in 1989 while she was on the David Newman show, WXYT talk radio.

Crash of Northwest

Flight 255

Wendy predicted while doing a reading for one of her clients in 1987 that she should not go on her scheduled flight back to Arizona because she saw no future for her if she did. But sadly she and her young daughter boarded Northwest flight 255 at Detroit Metro airport.

Wendy recorded the reading for her client. The client left the tape with the family she was visiting in Detroit. Wendy asked her not to go on but she went on the flight the next morning. The flight she was on crashed just outside of Metro airport. Her family reviewed the recording of the reading a few months later and called WXYZ channel 7 news telling reporters that Wendy did ask her not to get on the flight. Jerry Stanecki

did a special report of the event which aired on Detroit's WXYZ channel 7.

Baseball strike

In 1994-95 Wendy, was on an ESPN show hosted by Steve Garagiola of NBC channel 4 news team. She was asked how the Tigers were going to do for the season. She did not see any winners for the season and felt embarrassed and wondered why she saw nothing going on for the season. After the show was over she apologized to Steve and felt this was a big disappointment for everyone. One week later it was announced that there was a Major League baseball strike for the 94-95 season!

The attacks on USA soil:

Wendy predicted the Gulf War while on Kelly & Company. She said at the time that it would last for many but it ended within two weeks. But, as we all know that was just the beginning and the war indeed continued when George W. Bush took office. In her she mentioned that there would be terrorist attacks on our own soil.

These are only a few of the many predictions Wendy has made throughout the years.

The services offered this site are intended for entertainment purposes only and in no way constitute Legal, Financial, Medical or any other Advice/Counseling.

Wendy Powers is not responsible for any and all decisions you make based upon your intuitive reading with her.

You MUST be 18 or older to use these services.

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